Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Iskander and S-400 systems to be deployed at new Russian bases in Belarus


Russia may use any military facility in Belarus in all strategic directions.

Military observer Aliaksandr Alesin said it in an interview with charter97.org.

– In accordance with decree No. 372 of July 20, 2014, the Belarusian authorities may grant a concession on strategic military facilities. It's clear that only Russia can rent them. Nuclear missile silos are known to be situated in Belarus. Is the Kremlin interested in them?

– According to the agreements between the Soviet Union and the United States, all silos were disabled. They were destroyed in such a way that their disabled state can be seen from space. We currently have facilities rented by Russia since 1996 under a package agreement for a period of 25 years with the automatic right of prolonging the lease if neither of the parties terminates the agreement. These are a rocket warning radar in Hantsavichy and a naval communication centre in Vileika. These are the most important facilities for Russia.

– What new Russian facilities can appear in our country in the light of the war in Ukraine?

– Taking into account the small territory of Belarus, all our facilities can be used in all directions. Our country's size is 600 to 700 km. The speed of modern fighters and bombers can reach 2,000-2,500 km/h. Their location in Belarus doesn't matter. Of course, it's obvious that air bases are the most interesting. I think they are working on an agreement to station a regiment of Russian Su-27SM fighter aircraft.

– Can we speak about the stationing of other troops? If so, what troops can be stationed?

– I have no doubts about it. Taking into consideration the fact that Russian Iskander and S-400 missile systems took part in the parade in Minsk, the Russian can rent a military town or a former military base to deploy these weapons there. They will have to sign an agreement, and this territory will receive the status of a military base. For example, if a NATO base is opened in Polish Szczecin, Russian brigades of Iskander ballistic missile systems may appear in Belarus as a response.