Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Armenia accuses Minsk of arms supplies to Azerbaijan


Belarus is among the biggest suppliers of weapons to the country that threatens to start a war with Yerevan.

A report by the Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade shows the arms deals Baku was involved in for the last 10 years. The data are really impressive, Armenian Zhamanak writes.

Among the countries that supply weapons to Baku are not only Turkey, Israel and Ukraine (GUAM member states), but also Belarus and Russia. Though being Armenia's allies in the CSTO, these countries are main military partners of Armenia's enemy.

The situation is unique: member states of the military and political bloc supply weapons to the state that still has an unsettled conflict with their partner, threatens a war and commits acts of sabotage. It has been happening for many years. In fact, Armenia's CSTO partners have been equipping Armenia's enemy with arms for many years and only some people in Armenia raise this question. The country has only recently said officially that the CSTO members should not make steps that go against Armenia's interests.

Serzh Sargsyan said it in December at the CSTO summit in Moscow. It should be noted that almost no reactions followed the statement in Armenia. No attempts were made to see the state's interests behind this statement and form the public opinion so that our so called allies stop selling arms to our enemy.

It's not important why Serzh Sargsyan raised this question in Moscow. It is important because it is based on the interests of the state, so the problem should have been confirmed by the public opinion.

But we still hear only a deathly silence, like during the past ten years. We see only attempts to find excuses for Belarus and Russia that underline the disgraceful behaviour of these so called allies and Armenia's civil and political community.

Instead of taking measures, some leaders are ready not only to defend Belarus and Russia, but also to be proud of their friendship with Lukashenka, open plants with him or boast being Russia's number 1 purveyors.

Royal courts of Russia and Belarus are number 1 military supplies of the country that threatens a war with Armenia, but Armenia continues to send goods to the courts and has no courage to send them letters from time time to show that Armenia is a state, not just a production shop.