Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Belarusian Party of Communists no longer Exists


The Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" (formerly the Belarusian Party of Communists) will get a certificate of registration and the Charter from the Ministry of Justice, informed the secretary of the Central Committee of the Party Valery Ukhnaliou.

It should be recalled that October 25, 2009 according to a vote at the second extraordinary meeting of the XIV Congress of the BPC it was decided to rename the BPC into the Belarusian Party of the United Left "Fair World". According to the party leadership, the new name will allow to attract to the organisation not only youth, but also members of other leftist organizations that were not officially registered.

In late December last year, the Ministry of Justice delayed the registration of the relevant amendments and additions to the Charter of the BPC for a month.

The Ministry of Justice had a claim to the fact that the new name of the Party contained the word "united" though the party had not officially consolidated with anybody. The second claim related to the word "communists". The Ministry of Justice considered that, in view of the new party's name, this word could not appear in the charter because the party was no longer a communist one.

January 12, 2010 at the meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the BPC all the comments and recommendations of the Ministry of Justice to a new version of the Charter were accepted.

As the leader of the BPC Siarhey Kalyakin told our correspondent, "they were not of a fundamental nature, so the Bureau of the Central Committee of the BPC agreed with all the comments".

Thus, according to the politician, there are "no more obstacles for the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus for taking a positive decision on registration of a new version of our Charter, and, consequently, the new name of the party".