Updated at 00:33,05-08-2021

Jane's Defence Weekly: Belarus arming China for possible U.S. attack

Jane's Defence Weekly

MWTP continues to deliver wheeled tractors for Chinese missiles.

China has conducted a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to Washington or Moscow.

It is reported by the magazine ISH Jane's Defence Weekly.

As follows from the publication, mobile missile complex "Dongfeng-41" (which means "East Wind") is an analogue of Russian mobile systems such as "Topol" and "Yars", but slightly larger in size. According to experts, the range of "Dongfeng-41" rocket is from 10 to 14 thousand km, while it is capable of carrying 10 nuclear warheads of individual guidance. In addition, it can be loaded with decoys that simulate warhead and are designed to counter missile shield, writes naviny.by.

Publication of the test has caused serious concern of the U.S. military, who believe that DF-41 is designed specifically to attack the United States and is capable of hitting targets throughout their territory.

The main difficulty faced by the Chinese, was the development of a solid composite propellant rocket fuel. Another headache was the creation and establishment of reliable production of wheeled chassis, suitable for transportation and launch of intercontinental missiles.

And soon Western intelligence from satellites discovered this six-axle all terrain wheeled chassis manufactured in Belarus MAZ-547V (the current designation MZKT-7916), which at one time was the base for mobile launchers of intermediate-range SS-10 "Pioneer" ( or NATO-SS-20).

"Pioneers" were eliminated in 1990 in accordance with agreement on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles concluded between the USSR and the United States. However, the agreement of recycling could be applied to missiles and launchers, but not to the wheeled chassis that were authorized for civilian purposes. Most likely, this conversion chassis were used by the Chinese for their first truly mobile missiles DF-31.

Soon the need for maintenance and repair of this complex vehicles, as well as the need for spare parts, have forced China to establish direct cooperation with the Republic of Belarus. Direct supply of steel products to from Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant to China has become a logical consequence. Starting with 2001 brand new multiaxial MZKT-7916 are used for DF-31. At first, it was a product of Belarus, and then (after the creation of the joint venture in China) of Chinese assembly.

However, "Dongfeng-31" does not fully meet the ambitious plans of the Chinese leadership to achieve parity in strategic arms with major global rivals - the U.S. and Russia. Therefore, almost simultaneously with the development of production of DF-31, using the scientific and technical potential,charter97.org the defense industry of China has started to develop a more powerful missile system DF-31A.

According to foreign sources, during its development were used engineering and design solutions that are implemented when creating a Soviet and Russian ground-mobile missile systems and rail-based. The main directions of improvements were an increase in the missile range, the head of the mass (MS) and equipping it to overcome missile defense systems.

This required an increase of the start mass, the size of ICBMs and, therefore, the use of a wheeled chassis of greater capacity and size. Since 2006, Americans have observed testing mobile missile system on an 8-axle chassis (similar to MZKT-79221) with an elongated container in which presumably the missile complex "Dongfeng-31A" was installed.

A further development of the project is "Dongfeng-41", the rocket which should have increased (from 8,000 km to 12,000 km) range. It is assumed that the missile is equipped with separate warheads (from 3-5 and more warheads) with options for power of 20, 90 and 150 kiloton. In connection to that engineers are finalizing the work on the stage of separation and guidance system of the missile, which is equipped with an auto correction.

And, what is important, the Belarusian prototype provides an opportunity to for the organization of production of its own eight-axle wheeled chassis (WS51200) in order to create a complete mobile platform for "Dongfeng-41", similar to PU Russian "Topol" and "Yars."

With the creation of this complex, China will be able to cover the whole territory of the U.S. with missiles.