Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Lukashenko promised to send Sannikov and Bondarenko back in jail

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes it possible to release the remaining opposition members from jail only in case they write appeals for a pardon.

"And those who stayed there and didn't write this message to the president, they will sit. Here is all the pressure. No one will press on me here", Lukashenko told reporters on Saturday.

As President said, "one more pressure, and those talkers who came out (and A.Sannikov D.Bondarenko - IF) - have to say thank you, that they were treated like this - they can go back to prison". "They're probably just hungry for it", Alexander Lukashenko said. According to him, "it would be fairer to them to come to someone, drop a hint and say they are bored with freedom - we are political prisoners, return us back". "Two hours and they are in prison", the president said.

Lukashenko promised to send Sannikov and Bondarenko back in jail

Therefore, he continued, "we will not tolerate any pressure." Alexander Lukashenko reminded that, in the last year, they were told the conditions under which the oppositionists may be released (under an appeal for pardon).

"Therefore, the pressure is not the case why they were released. If they didn't write an appeal, they would sit still", the president said.

He said, he was considering their petitions on humanitarian grounds. "If this kid didn't exist (son of A.Sannikov - IF), and the second haven't got his back injured (D.Bondarenko - IF), and he could not walk there, but crawled, however, he came out and ran, I wouldn't maybe even respond to their requests. Well, let they be with their families", Alexander Lukashenko said. "But if they wag their tongues ​​- will go back there", he stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko also noted "it's not beautiful for president to do this, I must finish with it". "These were released, and 20-30 thousands of prisoners have not received such benefits. This is normal, this fare of the president? No, not fair," Alexander Lukashenko said. Therefore, he said, in the near future, in Independence Day (July 3 - IF), they question to hold an amnesty can be considered. "I'll make a decision on the release of a number, perhaps 2 or 3 thousand convicts who normally behaves. So it is fair," Alexander Lukashenko said. "But no, we released the bandits, but normal people are languishing in the dungeons", the president added.

Alexander Lukashenko once again warned that "any pressure will turn out badly". "They say: here they pressed, and thus ambassadors were allowed to enter. We, on the contrary, told the ambassadors, you guys went there - stay there. Ambassadors now wished to return here, but it is necessary to turn the situation in order to supposedly save face", President of Belarus said.