Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Oppositionists and their relatives dragooned to be fingerprinted


An activist of the United Civil Party Liudmila Krasnaselskaya has addressed a complaint to the regional prosecutor’s office as a result of illegal actions of policemen.

First a policeman from the town of Kalinkavichy who presented himself as Pyotr Sayonak, inquired closely on the phone how to reach the 30-year-old son of the woman, as he should be fingerprinted, "Radio Svaboda" informs.

Soon the policeman came to the place of Krasnaselskaya, started to ring and tap on the door loudly. When Liudmila Krasnaselskaya opened the door, he put his foot inside and prevented from closing it.

The woman explained to the policeman that wide-scale fingerprinting is illegal, and her son is an adult, and he had lives in Minsk long ago. Besides, the activist stated that she was ready to be fingerprinted herself. The policeman didn’t allow her to close the door and stated that he would write a writ immediately.

Liudmila Krasnaselskaya asks the prosecutor’s office to give legal treatment of the policeman’s actions.