Updated at 18:53,10-09-2021

Lukashenka promises to be with Russia in any situation

Belsat / BelTA

Belarus will be together with Russia in any situation, President Aliaksandr Lukashenka made the statement as he met with Dmitry Rogozin, Vice Premier of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Defense Industries Commission under the Russian Federation government, on 1 April, state-owned news agency BelTA has learned.

“I am very pleased to see you in Minsk as a person close to me in ideology and in soul. Then we have a number of state matters to discuss. We seem to have some problems in this regard. Frankly speaking, I can say that we don’t really like the situation evolving around us,” Mr Lukashenka told Mr Rogozin.

In any situation we will be together with Russia; all kinds of speculations about it must be stopped, the head of state stressed

The Americans “bombed Iraq to bits and after the bombing everyone understood that it was a wrong move, an unfair one, yet they sided with the allies”. “Why should we act differently if Russia is our ally and is the only ally? That’s the entire logic of it,” Mr Lukashenka said.

“We don’t hide the fact that we work very hard to advance cooperation in military and technical sphere,” he continued. “We are modernizing our defense industries, trying to make new products at our enterprises. But since there are only several dozens of high-tech enterprises, we understand that the modernization will be more effective if they are coupled with Russian defense industries”.

The Belarusian President is notorious for his maneuvering and pursuing pendulum policy: for instance, he said that Crimea was de facto Russian but at the same time, recognised the new Ukrainian authorities and met with Ukraine's acting president Oleksandr Turchinov. But he seems to have made his choice by now.

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