Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

“All accordionists wear watches on the right hand“


Another set of scandalous statements by Aliaksandr Lukashenka was heard at a press-conference in Minsk.

On Tuesday the Belarusian President met the members of the club of editors in chief from the countries of the CIS, Baltic states and Georgia, Interfax reports.

About the Magnitsky list

"Why would Russia be afraid of some Magnitsky? Russia is a self-sufficient country", - Lukashenka stated advising the Russian party "to stamp its feet and not to give a shit about those democracy martyrs".

He suggested that Russia would rather care more about "Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakstan, and we will live like we once did". "And they (the West - Interfax) will crawl to us", - Lukashenka noted.

The Belarusian ruler also advised Russian officials "not to bring money to America". "When you have money in America, than, of course, you would tremble like in fever because of Magnitsky", - Lukashenka said. He also emphasized, "they have bombed down half of Iraq, destroyed the whole Arab curve and they would talk about some Magnitsky".

About power

"I will say honestly: Apparently, I will not live till the time when my younger son would want to become a president," -Lukashenka said. – "Those are idle talks about a successor".

Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that "it was born in the yellow press by the so-called fifth column". "It is the fifth column, which is financed from the outside, mainly from the European Union and the USA, and it is clear what policy they pursue. That is why they started to reproach me: look, Mikalai is the successor", - he said.

About playing the accordion

Lukashenka wears the watch on his right hand because in childhood he learned how to play the accordion.

"I have been wearing a watch since early years. I studied at a musical school at the accordion department and if you wear a watch on the left hand, it impedes. Practically all accordionists wear watches on their right hands", - he said. Lukashenka noted that he subsequently tried wearing a watch on the left hand, but could not break the habit.

About the European Union

Lukashenka counts on normalization of the relations with the European Union despite that the West does not want to see the current country’s leadership in power.

"You (the European Union) will only build the relations with us when there is no Lukashenka, when the political regime is changed and when everything is put on sale here, preferable for the West. Believe me, I have enough information on these issues", -he said.

"It seems like a fore post of democracy (many countries and the EU as a whole), advanced in human rights to a great extent. You reproach us for violating these rights. But we have not recently killed a single person, neither inside the country, nor beyond its borders, violating human rights in that way. And you, I mean the EU, destroy whole countries. What is your business in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other states? Have you made it better there? You have killed thousands of people there! What kind of human rights is that?" – Lukashenka emphasized.

Lukashenka reminded that he personally knows the leaders of many countries, which criticize the EU: "I am an old politician, I was involved in many processes, moreover we kept good relations with the countries that I mentioned. I know the leaders of these countries well. For example, Bashar Asad… If he were here and you spoke to him you would say that he is a most intelligent person".

Lukashenka told that he has personally ascertained of the double standards and insincerity of European politicians after the presidential elections of 2010. They promised "piles of gold" then in exchange for fulfilling certain conditions. "The main reproach – you detained people. But we do not poison them with tear gas like it is practiced in some European countries, we do not shot rubber bullets at them," - the ruler said. – "We have never even used water cannons against illegal demonstrations. We have never had that, but you do not want to see that".