Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Bear Drop: Charges against Realtor Basharymau, Anton Surapin still not released

Nasha Niva

The 10 days’ arrest of a photographer and web-editor Anton Surapin in the KGB remand prison expired on July 23. However, he was neither released, nor brought charge against. Some juridical procedures are reported to have been held in relation to Anton Surapin and he was left in the KGB remand centre for further investigation.

These details are the only ones that Anton Surapin’s lawyer managed to report, says Belarusian Association of Journalists' press-service.

Anton Surapin also greeted everyone who supports him. He is aware of response his arrest caused.

Anton Surapin was held on July 13 and accused of assistance to illegally and intentionally cross state’s border.

The same case became the reason for the arrest of a Minsk real estate agent Siarhiej Basharymau who was detained earlier, on July 6. Mr. Basharymau was accused of part 3 of the Belarus’ Criminal Code article 371 on "illegal crossing of the state border of the Republic of Belarus" on July 16.

The organizer of bear bombing Per Cromwell claims he contacted Basharymau only to rent a flat in Minsk. At the same time Per Cromwell said there had been a person in Minsk ready to take photos. Belarusian secret services might consider Mr. Basharymau to be the man mentioned by Per Cromwell.

Still, Swedish pilots assure they received no support from Belarusian side as they did not wanted Belarusians to be oppressed for the solidarity action.

The situation around two arrested men becomes more preposterous considering the fact Belarusian officials has not recognized of the very existence of the bear drop. Thus, today Surapin and Basharymau are the accomplices of a crime that has never taken place.

In accordance with Belarusian Criminal Code, Siarhiej Basharymau may face the imprisonment term of 3 to up to7 years.

As it became known, the KGB has also questioned Kaciaryna Skurat, 16, from Ivianiec — the first town to be ‘bombed’ by the Swedish pilots. The reasons for her questioning are still unclear.