Updated at 18:53,10-09-2021

Renters are being massively evicted from “MAZ“ Palace of Culture


As UDF.BY has learnt, on January 1 the lease contracts of entrepreneurs with the leadership of "MAZ" Palace of Culture will be canceled.

"In connection with the reconstruction of "MAZ" (Minsk Automobile Plant - udf.by) Palace of Culture and further organization of concerts and entertainment events, the lease contract with your organization from 01.02.2012 will be cancelled by agreement of the parties in accordance with Art. 420, 421 of the Civil Code of Belarus.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for fruitful cooperation"
, the letters say.

"Many have invested serious money in repairs, in construction of areas, which, of course, won't be reimbursed. In addition, some organizations will have to suspend their activities or even permanently lose their business, respectively, the state will lose taxes allocated by these companies.

I am writing to you as a mother, I work for one of the companies-renters, I don't know how I will continue to plan for the future, what tomorrow will bring, whether my work place will remain, how I will feed my children?"
a reader of our site wrote.

UDF.BY correspondent asked for clarification in the press service of the Minsk Automobile Plant, which is the owner of "MAZ" Palace of Culture. They confirmed the information on the cancellation of lease contracts.

"We've done a serious reconstruction and renovation of the palace of culture, and we want it to engage only in the activities it was established for - there will be concerts, will function various hobby groups. Here, in February, for example, Gosha Kutsenko will have a concert. Cancellation of lease contracts is conducted in full accordance with the law", the press-service explains.

The press service found it difficult to give a clear answer on the question, whether the renters can return their money invested in renovation of premises.