Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

FEMEN girls were beaten, taken to a forest and threatened to be burned


Girls from the Ukrainian movement FEMEN, who disappeared after they held the anti-Lukashenko action at the KGB headquarters in Minsk, have been found. They were beaten, cut off hair, taken to a forest and thrown from a car into the forest near the village Bheki in Gomel region - without money, cell phones and documents.

One of the three missing activists of FEMEN Inna Shevchenko reached the organization and reported what had happened.

"She and two her allies yesterday at 19:00 were seized at the train station of Minsk by police and KGB agents, they blindfolded them and drove all night in a bus, brought in a forest, doused with oil, made ​​to undress and threatened to burn them, threatened with a knife, by which they cut off their hair later. Everything what was happening was filmed by KGB men, than they threw them naked in a forest without documents", Alexandra Shevchenko, one of the FEMEN activists wrote in Facebook.

Now the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry officials are taking steps to help compatriots.

Press Secretary at the Embassy of Ukraine Alexey Emelyanenko told journalists, they have no official confirmation of this information so far.

"Now we are finding out all the circumstances, if it's really the case. We are working. You see, to help the girls is the question number 1 for us!", he told Belsat TV channel.

"We have no information about their detention so far. Ukrainian diplomats in Minsk are in constant contact with the competent authorities of Belarus in order to get information", A. Dikusarov said.

As UDF.BY reported earlier, on Monday evening, the Ukrainian movement FEMEN said about the disappearance of their activists during the protest action in Minsk against the regime of the current president Alexander Lukashenko. The girls were going to hold this action in their "firm style - topless", previously prepared for a possible detention.

FEMEN girls were beaten, taken to a forest and threatened to be burned

On December 19, activists from FEMEN group held an action in front of the KGB headquarters in Minsk on occasion of the anniversary of post-election protests.

The girls drew a moustache on their faces. One of the activists had a drawing of Lukashenka on her back. The activists were chanting "Long Live Belarus!".

Ukrainian girls have managed to keep the place of the action in secret. They spread information about the rally on social networks. Journalists knew about the rally, but secret services were too slow to react.

After they escaped, the girls told that they are all together in a safe place. "When we turned around the building and began to pull on our jackets, we were stopped by police. Looking at us, they were confused and didn't understand what was happening. They tried to arrest us, twisted arms, but we were able to escape. Unfortunately, our camera operator was detained, her phone is still off", Inna, one of the participants told.

In Kiev, ex-speaker of the Belarusian parliament, Stanislav Shushkevich warned the activists of the Ukrainian movement about the fact, that they can be detained: "I told them what I saw, how in our country such young and beautiful were beaten and maimed, and that's why my duty is to warn them ... "

As we can see, the girls didn't listen to him, and most likely, they became victims of the Belarusian security services. By the way, today KGB agents celebrate their professional holiday, Lukashenko congratulated them in today's morning.