Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

Interior Minister Dismissed Ahead Of 2nd European Games In Minsk


Interior Minister Dismissed Ahead Of 2nd European Games In Minsk
Igor Shunevich is relieved of his post as the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko received his letter of resignation, TUT.BY reports.

During the working meeting with Internal Affairs Minister Igor Shunevich on 10 June, President Alexander Lukashenko stressed the need to ensure adequate security during the 2nd European Games.

“Sometimes we take too many precautions and go overboard while ensuring public security at mass events in Belarus,” the president said. “I saw blocks installed along carriageways today.

It seems you are preparing to build metal fences around fan zones. What for? They say people will not cross roads in forbidden places thanks to these fences but everything should be done in a civilized way.

We are not in Syria, Libya or Iraq to do such things. Let them build such fences in democratic states such as France, Germany, America. Don’t do this here.

We should work in a way to help people communicate freely with each other during and after the European Games. There should be no going overboard,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

Shortly afterward, the news about Igor Shunevich dismissal was made public. In recent months, the head of state repeatedly questioned the performance of the Interior Ministry.

In February, the president warned the minister that he would thoroughly analyze the work of law enforcement agencies in the near future. Shunevich headed the Ministry of the Interior for seven years.

He will be remembered for his controversial remarks on the LGBT, dry law and apologies to the statue of a policeman and many others. The minister stressed that the decision to resign was “a balanced, right and timely one”.

Explaining his resignation, he said: “First of all, a fresh look at the ministry’s work is needed. Secondly, as far as my efficiency is concerned, I believe that time has come to switch career.

I have been minister for a rather long time. I may start to lose touch. Maybe, I just need to try something new. This is the only motivation, I told the head of state about it. He accepted it.”