Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

Belarusians Express Sympathy To France Over Notre Dame Fire


Belarusians Express Sympathy To France Over Notre Dame Fire
Belarusians expressed their sympathy and sadness over the fire in Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral in Paris, France, on Monday, 15 April.

Both, on the official and human level, Belarusians reacted with the words of support and solidarity.

Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Mikhail Myasnikovich met with a French parliamentary delegation in Minsk on 16 April.

He stressed that Belarusians are sincerely sorry about the fire in one of the most iconic landmarks in France, the symbol of Paris.

“Belarusians and many other people around the world took this tragedy like their own,” he said.

French people are shocked over the Notre Dame fire, Charles Guene, Deputy Chairman of the Finance Commission of the French Senate, chairman of the France-Belarus friendship group, said.

He also thanked the official for the support noting that “his words really resonate” with the tragedy. “It happened up out of the blue and feels as if a part of us were burnt in the fire too.”

Earlier, the Belarusian Embassy in France expressed its support to the people of France.

Meanwhile, ordinary Belarusians took to social media sharing their photos with Notre-Dame, telling their stories and sharing their emotions and thoughts on the incident. Some of them brought flowers to the French Embassy in Belarus.

While undergoing renovation and restoration, the medieval cathedral caught fire on 15 April. The fire is now out, but its iconic spire and roof have collapsed but the main structure, including the two bell towers, has been saved, officials say.

The cathedral is one of the most widely recognized symbols of the city of Paris and the French nation. French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Notre-Dame will be rebuilt.

Featured image: Reuters, Source: TUT.BY