Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Minsk Hits Top 40 Safest Cities In The World To Live In


Minsk Hits Top 40 Safest Cities In The World To Live In
Safety is one of the main factors that comes to your mind when travelling to a country or city you’ve never been before. As to Minsk, there’s no need to worry, Numbeo reports.

Low crime rates and high level of safety.

Risk-averse travellers would do well to head to Belarus, with a new ranking suggesting Minsk is in top 40 world’s safest cities.

In comparison with last year’s stats, the Belarusian capital has slipped a little. Now it has a safety index of 74.12% and crime index of 25.88% and ranked 292nd.

For your information, Abu Dhabi, named the safest city on Earth, takes the 327th position. The crime rate there was 13.63%, while the safety index – 86.37%.

Minsk neigbours are lagging behind, the closest to us is Polish Warsaw. It is ranked 257th and has a crime rate of 33.45% and 66.55% safety rate.

Last year Minsk safety position was much higher. We were in top 30 safest cities in the world.

In 2017, it occupied the 351st position among 378 cities. Our crime rate was 21.35%, and security – 78.65%.

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