Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Reports: Agents detains headmaster at Belarusian-language grammar school


Headmaster of Minsk Belarusian-language grammar school #4 Yury Bandarenka has been detained, Nasha Niva reports. It happened on the afternoon of August 18. The whole floor was closed and nobody could get there, witnesses say. The headmaster’s study was searched. Two secretaries and the director of studies were asked to be witnesses at the search.

It is not clear who detained the headmaster. Mostly likely, it was done by KGB. Five people in plain clothes were collecting documents in Bandarenka’s study. They only took ‘handwritten documents ignoring everything that was printed’, witnesses from the grammar school said.

Yury Bandarenka became headmaster of grammar school #4 in 1997. His length of teaching experience is 45 years.

No official comments about Yury Bandarenka’s detention have been given so far. The detention may be connected with economic activities or school enrollment issues, teachers think. The school is situated in Minsk microdistrict Kuntsaushchyna.