Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

‘Second-Hand Time’ by Alexievich became bestseller in US

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Americans buy 6,000-8,000 copies weekly.

The English translation of the book was released by the US publisher Random House. “Second-hand Time” has been on the New York Times bestseller list for a few months now, and its sales in the US reached 6-8 thousand copies per week.

According to the book editor Sam Nicholson, English-speaking readers are already familiar with the “Chernobyl Prayer” and “Zinky Boys.” Last year’s Nobel Prize in literature received by Alexievich significantly fueled interest in her work.

The writer is now in the US where she personally presented her latest book in Washington.

‘Second-Hand Time’ by Alexievich became bestseller in US

Sam Nicholson called “Second-Hand Time” a universal story about human fates that can fill the gaps in the Americans’ view on the former USSR states.

Over the next two years, Random House plans to publish a book “War’s Unwomanly Face” and “Last Witnesses”.

In an interview with “BelaPAN” Alexievich admitted that she did not expect such a huge success overseas, although her books were popular abroad before. She explains the success of the “Second-Hand Time” by the interest in documentary narrative as a genre of art by it being underrepresented in American literature.

Over the seven days in the US, Alexievich gave a dozen interviews to American media — Washington Post, New Yorker, Boston Globe, Voice of America and PBS television.

Svetlana Alexievich read her works in the Public Library of New York and the National Endowment for Democracy Foundation, she also met with representatives of the Belarusian diaspora.