Updated at 17:18,18-06-2021

Lukashenka: Belarus’ reaction to NATO’s activity is adequate


Belarus and Russia are reacting to NATO’s activity near the borders of the Union State adequately, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced at the meeting with the heads of delegations taking part in the XVI session of the CIS Ministries of Finance on June 7.

"Russians often say that NATO is bringing new troops to the Russian borders. It is necessary to stress that it is happening near our borders, the Belarusian ones. We see it and we are taking adequate measures calmly,” BELTA quotes the Belarusian leader.

Belarus and Russia have a joint group of troops in the west, Lukashenka noted. These troops guarantee the security of ‘our motherland – Belarus and Russia’, he said. Belarusian troops are the basis of the group, Lukashenka stressed. If a conflict starts, Belarusian troops will be the first to fight.

Belarus has agreements with Russia and it does not hide this fact from the West, the President noted.