Updated at 17:18,18-06-2021

Over 50% of Belarus enterprises non-profitable in 2015


About 60% of Belarusian companies last year operated at a loss or with low profitability. This is evidenced by their financial statistics.

Out of 7,896 companies, accounted for by the National Statistical Committee, 1,800 were unprofitable, nearly 3,000 entities had profitability of up to 5%.

The greatest number of loss-making organizations was registered in agriculture (501) and in industry (436).

Compared with 2014, the number of unprofitable organizations covered by the official statistics has increased by 24%.

The number of organizations that had losses also grew. While in 2014 the number of such entities was 1,128, in 2015 it grew to 1,600. At the same time, the losses sustained by such organizations amounted to 42.8 trillion rubles and increased 2.2 times in comparison with 2014, BelaPAN reports.