Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Pavel Seviarynets: the European Union must explain the position


The possible cooperation of the EU with Belarusian police causes perplexity with the politician.

"The European Union surely needs to explain its position. If it is the matter of assistance to the Eastern Partnership countries, then if this particular program applies to Belarus. If it does, then what ways of cooperation are provided for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and may be even for KGB?", - the co-chairman of the organizational committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets said in an interview to the charter97.org web-site.

According to the politician, the position of the European Union comes across as ambiguous:

"All in all, Belarus is a separate case. And if the Europeans think of establishing democracy in our country cooperating with the agencies that prosecute dissidents, than I completely do not understand that. When it turns out that the Belarusian democratic movement is being prosecuted by the means of the resources provided by the European Union, like it was the case with the scandal about German police assisting Belarusian enforcing agencies, than there is an ambiguous situation. On the one hand the European Union demands to stop the repressions and on the other hand it physically supports them. That is why clarity is needed".

Pavel Seviarynets is sure that any assistance to the Belarusian agencies may be used for repressions:

"Stefan Fule’s statement is very ambiguous and, I stress that once again, he needs to directly say – if they will assist the Belarusian agencies, than what will the assistance be? If, for example, it is the assistance in catching the illegals and fighting the human traffic, than what exactly are the programs, which resources exactly will the European Union provide for that? It is possible to create something peaceful and something against peaceful protesters out of the same raw materials".

"I do not think that the Europeans want to legitimize the assistance to the Belarusian police. At least, I do not want to believe in that. But in order for there not to be any suspicions, the Europeans should clearly and transparently state what they mean", - the politician summarized.