Updated at 00:49,24-06-2021

Opposition sign statement on election frauds

Nasha Niva

"The authorities have falsified the results of the elections. The elections in Belarus are not valid and the House of Representatives was not elected. Most voters have not participated in the pseudo-polling. Citizens’ non-participation in the elections means boycotting," the statement says.

"Only 34 per cent of voters polled in Minsk; the average turnout of voters in all other major cities totals ca. 43 per cent. The reason of the divergence of the results is in extensive falsifications of the election commission reports, increasing the turnout of voters by two times and non-transparent votes count at all polling stations."

The statement mentions the typical violations of the Law on Elections: forced voting; "carousel" voting when unidentified persons voted at several polling stations; adding ballots on behalf of absentee voters; falsifications of home voting; observers’ inability to monitor the votes count.

The monitors of the campaigns For Fair Elections and Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections has filled in more than 1,170 complaints against the election commissions.

The statement was signed by Belarusian Christian Democracy, the United Civic Party, Belarusian Movement, European Belarus, Belarusian Trade Union of the Radio-Electronic Industry Workers, Young Front, the Rada of Intellectuals.

The parliamentary elections in Belarus were held on September 23. 109 out of 110 MPs were elected at the elections, no opposition politicians among them.

OSCE Monitoring Mission did not recognize the election free and democratic.