Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

“Tell the Truth!“ movement held final signature-collection event


Activists of "Tell the Truth!" movement held a final event in Minsk on August 13 to close a three-week period of collecting ballot-access signatures for parliamentary contenders supported by the movement.

The event took place near the Fashion House on downtown Nyamiha Street with five parliamentary hopefuls participating.

Uladzimir Nyaklyayew, leader of the "Tell the Truth!" movement, expressed gratitude to those who had collected signatures, including the potential candidates and their nomination groups. "It was them who did everything that we had agreed to do for this election campaign to become a preparatory stage for the 2015 presidential election," he said.

Mr. Nyaklyayew noted that the movement’s activists had collected a total of 40,000 signatures and talked to more than 150,000 people during the signature-collection period.

Potential candidates "did a great job meeting with people and explaining their points of view," he said.

The "Tell the Truth!" movement identified the best-performing signature collectors who had collected more than 1,500 signatures. There turned out to be 40 of them in the country, including 10 in Minsk. Mr. Nyaklyayew presented those 10 Minsk collectors with honorary certificates.

Following the event, the parliamentary contenders went to hand in their registration applications and the gathered signatures to district election commissions.