Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Yarmoshyna: Of course, this was their mistake


Press Conference of CEC chairperson for Elections and National Referendums Lidiya Yarmoshina was held on July 26 in Minsk.

Yarmoshina spoke about the parliamentary election campaign, the activity of political parties on candidates' nomination, the number of observers, as well as on the famous persons who are nominated for deputy.

Parties' activities have diclined

"The activity of political parties in these elections is 2 times lower than in parliamentary elections in 2008. Currently there are 66 registered citizens - representatives from political parties, which is about 20% (of total registrants - ed)", www.interfax.by quoted Yarmoshina.

She also said that political parties in Belarus haven't nominated candidates to the House of Representatives.

We remind, the district election commissions registered all the 25 nominees in initiative groups of candidates from the Belarusian Leftist Party of "A Just World", 6 - from the United Civil Party, and 15 - from the BPF.

Congresses on candidates' nomination haven't been held yet.

220 national observers are registered

According to the CEC chairperson, in Belarus there are 220 ​​national observers for the deputies' elections, 152 of them - from public associations. But, as Yarmoshina specified, their majority are representatives of pro-governmental organizations "White Russia", Belarusian Republican Youth Union and Belarusian Women's Union.

In addition, 14 international observers are registered - the CIS mission. The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is planning to send a full observation mission for parliamentary elections. This was announced on July 20 by PA OSCE President Ricardo Migliore. The head of mission is the chairman of the Committee on Human Rightsof the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Matteo Mekachchi.

Why initiative groups of Statkevich and Mikhalevich not registered.

Documents for registration of the initiative groups of ex-presidential candidate Statkevich were filed in 56 district commissions in Belarus, including all regional centers, also in Minsk, and lists of Aleksei Mikhalevich's initiative groups - in all Minsk districts.

Activists who submitted documents, have explained their goal - to remind about the problem of political prisoners.

At the press conference Lidia Yarmoshina said that Statkevich didn't submit documents to register initiative groups by himself.

"I can tell you right away, we received a response from the internal affairs, that Mr. Statkevich didn't submit any document through the prison's administration, where he is serving his sentence. You know that to submit an application of a person in custody in any other way is impossible. So, from whom and by whom the application was signed - this is, of course, a question", said Yarmoshina, adding that persons deprived of their liberty have no right to participate in elections. Therefore, according to her, the registration of Statkevich's groups was refused on the basis of constitutional norms.

Mikhalevich, according to the CEC chairperson submitted a letter of attorney valid until January 13, 2012 to be nominated as a candidate.

"Letter of attorney, presented by Mr. Mikhalevich ... Of course, this was their mistake. After all, it was expired. They indicated with the attorney that the letter is valid until January 13, 2012", Belta quote Yarmoshina. For this reason, the CEC considers Mikhalevich as not applied for registration.

She also noted that, "since March of the last year Mr. Mikhalevich is in the international wanted list and doesn't reside in the territory of Republic of Belarus. In this regard he got the refusal". A candidate for deputy should permanently reside in Belarus' territory.

VIP-candidates for deputy chair

In total district commissions registered initiative groups of 352 330 nominees in candidates (some of them have registered several initiative groups). At the press conference, the CEC chairperson spoke about who are those famous Belarusians taking part in the race for deputy's mandate.

According to her, nominees are: chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko and his assistant Viktor Huminski, former presidential candidates Alyaksandr Milinkevich and Viktor Tereshchenko, former deputies Vladimir Navasyad and Valeryie Frolov, leaders of the United Civil Party and the BPF Party and Anatoly Lebedko and Aleksey Yanukevich , BelaPAN informs.