Updated at 13:35,15-07-2024

Pertsov: Belarus has made history for fighting off most forceful color revolution

Pertsov: Belarus has made history for fighting off most forceful color revolution
Belarus has gone down in political science textbooks as a state that was able to fight off the strongest color revolution. Today the task of scholars is to interpret the landmark processes unfolding in our country as it is moving forward against all odds, Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Vladimir Pertsov said at the 10th international conference "Sovereignty - security - integration as pillars of sustainable state development: international experience and national realities" hosted by the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, BelTA has learned.

"This is a landmark conference. It has brought together political scientists from the CIS and other countries to work out and determine the scientific and methodological rationale underlying the processes taking place in our country as a result of the tectonic political shifts in the world," Vladimir Pertsov said. “Some hegemons are losing their grip on hegemony. Completely new integration associations are springing up. New definitions such as ‘global majority’ and ‘global minority’ (those who used to be called ‘the whole world’) have come into our lives.”

All this needs a scientific explanation and scientific support, Vladimir Pertsov said.“As for the institution of the presidency and the processes unfolding in our country, we would like to see more political scientists on TV screens, in the media who would explain to ordinary people busy with their lives the processes taking place in our sovereign, democratic, independent country that is moving forward as a truly people’s state despite all sanctions, pressure, restrictions, and threats,” Vladimir Pertsov emphasized.

“We would like political scientists to give a scientific substantiation of such an institution as the Belarusian People’s Congress. It was held for the seventh time, but it was the first time when it convened in the new status of the highest constitutional representative body of the country,” noted Vladimir Pertsov. “It is important to substantiate the electoral cycle we are now entering, the electoral sovereignty that we declare, the participation of Belarus in integration associations, where we are already a member or become a member soon. We hope that the scientific community will give answers to these questions during the ongoing conference in Grodno.”

“The president said more than once that they will not leave us alone. We are seeing this now,” the Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration remarked. “Money is allocated in other countries that became a safe haven for those who sold their Motherland and are harboring absolutely malicious plans against our state.

Over the past four years even those who were not into politics or those who were influenced by the so-called alternative destructive information channels have made certain conclusions and realized who is who and who want is what.”

“Today we understand that there will be pressure, unfriendly steps against the authorities and people of our country. We hope that the cohesion and monolithic unity of the overwhelming majority of the Belarusian people will not let their plans come to fruition. They are also well aware of it: we are up against technologically advanced, very rich creative people and corporations. Nevertheless, we are ready to resist. We have gone down in the history books and lectures as a state that was able to fight off the strongest color revolution organized in the form of hybrid aggression, in the form of a blitzkrieg in 2020,” Vladimir Pertsov said.We should keep our guard up, he added. “If we stay united, our enemy will lose. Attempts of military invasion of our country will be met with proper response from us and our ally, the Russian Federation. We call for peaceful coexistence, especially since we are neighbors with European countries. Both we and they understand that only peaceful coexistence will lead to progressive development and prosperity of states and peoples,” Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Vladimir Pertsov said.