Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Defense Minister: Belarusian peacekeepers did an excellent job in Kazakhstan

Defense Minister: Belarusian peacekeepers did an excellent job in Kazakhstan
Belarusian peacekeepers did an excellent job in Kazakhstan, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said as he welcomed the Belarusian peacekeeping forces back home from Kazakhstan on 15 January, BelTA has learned.

“Today we can confidently say that you have successfully performed all your tasks. The whole country has been closely watching the tragic events in Kazakhstan. Of course, your families and friends worried the most. Like all Belarusians, I fully share the joy of welcoming our peacekeepers back,” said Viktor Khrenin.

He stressed that the Belarusians know the value of peace. “We came to Kazakhstan to help the brotherly people restore constitutional order and contribute to the stabilization of the situation in the country,” the minister stressed.

According to him, the task of the Belarusian peacekeeping contingent was to strengthen the protection and defense of important military and government facilities in Kazakhstan, as well as to create conditions to stabilize the situation in the area of responsibility. “You did really well. Within the framework of the peacekeeping operation you demonstrated high professionalism, courage, and unyielding determination to unconditional fulfillment of tasks,” said Viktor Khrenin.

The minister added that assistance from the allies enabled Kazakhstan to free up and deploy additional forces to fight terrorists and bring the situation in the country under control. “The CSTO has proved its potential, its ability to act quickly, decisively, and effectively. It is thanks to you and our colleagues from CSTO partner countries that the whole world once again saw that we do not leave our own behind!” Viktor Khrenin said.

He expressed his gratitude to the military for high-quality fulfillment of the tasks and his conviction that Belarusian peacekeepers would continue to be an example in the performance of their military duty.

On behalf of the Belarusian president, he also decorated the servicemen who participated in the peacekeeping mission.