Updated at 13:41,03-10-2022

Biggest declared income of a Belarusian in 2012 - $ 7,5 million

By Tamara Savich, Euroradio

The income came from selling shares. A Minsker filed a declaration with such sum to the tax inspection.

Deputy Head of the Chief Administration on Physical Persons Taxation of the Taxation Ministry Svyatlana Shauchenka has said this at a press-conference:

Shauchenka: "The biggest declared income in 2012 is Br 66 billion. The biggest paid tax is Br 7 billion."

In 2011, the biggest declared income made more than Br 22 billion - "a dividend received by a citizen from a foreign organization."

According to Shauchenka, more than 25 thousand Belarusians filed tax declarations this year.