Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

66.6% of Belarusian imports goes to Russia


In the first quarter of 2012, Belarus carried out export-import operations with 167 countries: supplied goods to 130 countries, imported from 151. According to the National Statistics Committee, 48.2% of the total trade turnover in January-March fell at Russia, 13.4% - the Netherlands and 6.5% - Ukraine. 5% to 1% of the total turnover accrued to Latvia, Germany, Poland, China, Italy, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

n the first quarter of the year, exports to Russia amounted to 30.9% of the total, while that to the rest of the CIS - 12.6%, to the EU - 48.6%, to other countries - 7.9%. 66.6% of imports accrued to Russia, 4.2% - the rest of the CIS, 16.4% - the EU and 12.8% - other countries.

In January-March, there was formed a trade surplus in goods - $715.7 million (in the first quarter of 2011, the foreign trade balance was negative - $2.9 billion). Belarus increased the export of goods by 49.4% compared to the first quarter of last year (up to $11.8 billion), imports - by 2.9% (up to $11.1 billion). In the first quarter of this year, Belarus formed a favorable ratio of prices in foreign trade in goods, mentioned the National Statistics Committee. The index of the price terms of trade amounted to 108.3%. Given the higher volumes of supply of Belarusian goods overseas, the purchasing power of exports increased by 49.7%.

Volumes and average prices of energy exports were raised most of all (by 1.6-fold and 15.1%, respectively). They outpaced the similar growth rates of energy products import. As for imports, the highest index of physical volumes was registered in the group of energy commodities, while the index of average prices - nonfood consumer goods.

Export volumes of oil (in real terms - in 1.7 times), trucks (39.9%), milk and dairy products (35.6%) , polymers of ethylene (34.4%), as well as agricultural machinery, tractors, insulated wires and cables (33-26%) increased significantly in the first quarter of 2012 compared to January-March last year. Average export prices of tractors, tires, potash fertilizers, petroleum products and crude oil went up most of all (by 20.10%).

As for imports, thee were increased purchases of cereals (in real terms - in 5.5 times), oil (4.4 times), internal combustion engines (44.3%), trucks (34%), crude oil, electricity, parts and accessories for motor vehicles and tractors (25 -13%). A significant increase was also registered in average import prices of cars (1.6 times), electric motors and generators (48.1%), communications equipment, cyclic hydrocarbons and electricity (16.8%).