Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Kazakhstan takes interest in Belarusian oil refineries


Kazakhstan is interested in privatization of oil refineries in Belarus.

March 28, Kazakh Ambassador Yergali Bulegenov stated it's still early to talk about some specific projects, because these issues should be carefully studied.

"We are interested to participate in the purchase of a share of oil refineries with high processing and quality products so that to sell them at a good price and in the West," said Yergali Bulegenov.

According to him, Kazakhstan is interested in both oil deliveries to the Belarusian refineries and its transit through Belarus to Europe. However, Yergali Bulegenov notes, "oil supplies increase is a very sensitive issue and must be worked through both in a bilateral and trilateral format involving Russia," BelTA informs.

"Currently we are negotiating with Russia on the transit of oil to Belarus, and as far as I know, you're in similar talks as well. In many ways, our desires are the same, and there is no doubt that we will increase the supply of oil," said Yergali Bulegenov.

Nazarbayev is going to visit Minsk

Kazakhstan Ambassador also informed about the plans of Kazakh leader Nursultan Nazarbayev to officially visit Belarus at the end of this year. The exact dates of the visit are not yet known. Alexander Lukashenko's return visit to Kazakhstan, according to Yergali Bulegenov, is not planned.

Among other scheduled bilateral meetings, the diplomat mentioned the visit of the Belarusian delegation to Kazakhstan this fall, when a meeting of the Belarusian-Kazakh intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation is going to be held.

Yergali Bulegenov also stressed that, given the close cooperation between the two countries, other visits could be well organized in the future.