Updated at 18:53,10-09-2021

Lukashenko: Belarus doesn't need neither beggars on a street, nor the rich in Mercedeses


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during today's press conference for Belarusian and foreign journalists admitted, that there are flaws in the national economy, but the state policy will not change.

"Not because I'm so stubborn, but because it's not me, but you wanted this course to a socially oriented economy", Alexander Lukashenko said.

He assures, that he couldn't during the election campaign say one thing and then do another. "I want us to have a normal economy. So that beggars don't sit on a street, and the rich don't ride in Mercedeses", the president shared his opinion.

According to Lukashenko, today there are adequate people in power, who have many options of the country's development: "They come to me, show some options, and we choose". "There are some faults - it's true", the president said.

Arguing about the transition to a different economic model, the president noted, in the economy "there is no need to twitch. We won't go away from the socially-oriented economy".