Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

Import of American cars in Belarus will be banned

From time to time "pleasant" surprises are waiting for Belarusians in connection with entering the Customs Union. How is it good for us, no one knows yet, but it is clear to all, that "due to" the CU, an inexpensive but high quality car is not more than a dream for the citizens.

The next year, a lot of surprises are waiting for automobilists in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Among them is the complete ban on the import of cars with the "wrong" wheel, "wrong" light and "wrong" turn signals, writes Autonews.

This rule is clearly stated in the common technical regulations of the Customs Union. 450-page document will take effect immediately after the inauguration of the new Russian president, told a source in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

The project of technical regulations was developed by the Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. The document was criticized by experts and ordinary drivers, but most likely it will be adopted without change. To import any U.S. car (Mercedes ML, BMW X5 or a "real American" like Cadillac or Lincoln) after the new project join into force, will be impossible.

In addition, it won't be possible to import a car designed for the Japanese market on the territory of the CU. The document prepared in the Institute, carefully regulates every conceivable parameters of transport vehicles that are allowed to import and use in the Customs Union.

Therefore, if Russia is already dictating us on which cars to drive, we can imagine of how much powerless we will be in the so-called "unified economic space."