Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

Currency missing may start soon


At an extra session of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange on October 11 the preliminary demand for the dollar was 59.3 million dollars and the supply - 32.23 million dollars.

According to the stock exchange, the volume of transactions has exceeded 38.68 million, that is, not all who wish could buy the dollar at this session. Yesterday the dollar trades weren't made.

Demand for euros at an extra session reached almost 14 million, and the supply was much lower - 4.64 million. Yesterday, the ratio was 13.2 million and 5.21 million. The volume of transactions on October 11 was just 8.74 million euros, and on October 10 it was 7.23 million.

At the trades of the Russian ruble at today's extra session perhaps for the first time was such a big difference between supply and demand - 2.51 times (513.55 million and 204.35 million). At yesterday's trades the demand for the Russian ruble was 649.15 million, while the supply - 414.32 million. The volume of transactions dropped significantly - compared to October 10 - from 417.5 million to 220.55 million Russian rubles.

The volume of trades at the extra session reached 477.67 billion, at the main - 223.25 billion.

Following the results of the extra session the market rates of the five currencies were defined: the dollar - 8220 rubles, Euro - 11 430, the Russian ruble - 264, Polish Zloty - 2620, the pound sterling - 12 450.