Updated at 10:32,27-07-2021

Russia to coordinate sustainable development measures with Belarus amid sanctions

Russia to coordinate sustainable development measures with Belarus amid sanctions
Maria Zakharova. Photo courtesy of TASS
Russia intends to coordinate closely the sustainable development measures with Belarus in the face of the sanctions announced by the West, reads the commentary of spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, BelTA has learned.

"Following its allied commitments and goals of building the Union State, Russia intends to coordinate closely with Belarus the measures necessary for the sustainable and sovereign development of our sister country. Our opponents and ill-wishers will not be able to achieve their ill-fated goals," Maria Zakharova said.

She noted that the EU Council adopted the sanctions against Belarus without waiting for the completion of the ICAO investigation into the Ryanair plane incident. Maria Zakharova called these unilateral sanctions as illegitimate in terms of international law.

“We believe that external pressure on entire economic sectors of a sovereign state that pursues an independent policy, refusing to kowtow to European officials in Brussels, is totally unacceptable,” Maria Zakharova said. “This decision is biased and shows the double standards of the European Union that refuses to see the obvious problems in the field of human rights and democratic liberties in its member states and close partners, such as Ukraine and the United States,” she pointed out.

“The European Council's decision to impose more sanctions should be considered taking into account their previous ‘comprehensive plan of economic support to a future democratic Belarus' totaling €3 billion,” Maria Zakharova noted. “We view this as a blatant attempt of direct interference in Belarus' domestic affairs and political bribing of the forces (welcomed in several EU capitals) who would not shy away from staging a color revolution with catastrophic consequences in their country. Actually, certain counties and agencies of the EU do not hide the fact that they are laying the groundwork for such a scenario,” she added.