Updated at 13:25,27-05-2024

Lithuanian President tells Zelenski about ‘construction culture’ at Belarus' NPP


Lithuanian President tells Zelenski about ‘construction culture’ at Belarus' NPP
Vladimir Zelenski and Gitanas Nausėda / delfi.lt
The Lithuanian and Ukrainian Presidents have touched upon the topic of the Belarusian NPP construction during their meeting in Lithuania.

“The construction culture at the nuclear power plant is unsatisfactory, to put it mildly,” Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda announced. Both his country and the EU are worried about the NPP safety, he reminded. Nevertheless, he is not trying to convince Ukraine to refuse from buying Belarusian energy, Nausėda said. He simply reported Lithuania’s position, Delfi reports.

“The signal has been accepted,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski said. He is going to discuss the issue with the Ukrainian Minister for Energy. “Everything that is important for you and is connected with safety is also important for Ukrainians,” the Ukrainian President said in Vilnius. Meanwhile, Belarusian energy is a way to struggle with energy monopolists in Ukraine, Zelenski stressed.

The Lithuanian authorities have been trying to convince European countries to join the embargo imposed on Belarusian electricity. However, the other Baltic states have not supported Vilnius. All the safety regulations are being observed during the construction of the Belarusian NPP, the Belarusian authorities say. The first power unit will be launched next year.