Updated at 13:44,25-10-2021

Belarus Waives Road Toll For Light Vehicles For A Month


Belarus Waives Road Toll For Light Vehicles For A Month
BelToll will not collect the road toll from owners of light vehicles in Belarus from 10 June to 10 July. The easing is timed to the 2nd European Games in Minsk.

The owners of the vehicles with trailers with the technical gross vehicle mass of 3.5 tonnes and less will be exempted from toll payments, BelToll reports.

They will not have to sign toll road usage contracts, register their vehicles with the BelToll system, and install onboard payment devices.

Those drivers who fall under the category and plan to travel along Belarusian toll roads are advised to put the onboard device into protective packaging (a metalized bag).

This will prevent the device from making sound signals when the vehicle passes under road toll collection stations. The company assures that during the 30 days period the drivers won’t be billed.

Mind that as of 00:00 on 11 July the waiver will be scrapped and the Belarusian toll road system will resume normal operation.

What’s BelToll?

Not to get a fine for driving on the paid road you need to stop in a Beltoll office. They are usually on the first available gas station and marked by a special yellow Beltoll sign.

The offices are usually open 24 hours, however, check the availability of particular offices before your trip on the official website.

After installing a vehicle unit in your vehicle make sure there is a beeping sound when you cross road frames which informs you that everything is okay.

If there’s a double sound it means your credit is almost over and you should get off the paid road as soon as possible and find the closest Beltoll service point to top your account.

In case you drive under a road frame with no credit or no vehicle unit, you will be fined. Fines are pretty high and start from about 100 euros just for one road segment.