Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

“Tax maneuver”: Russia advises Belarus ‘to cool off a little’


“Tax maneuver”: Russia advises Belarus ‘to cool off a little’
First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Anton Siluanov has suggested that Belarus restored the project of the Union State if it wants to get compensation for ‘the tax maneuver’. The Belarusian partners should ‘cool off a little and to keep the current situation’ in perspective, to gather and work on mutual decisions’, Siluanov told RBK-TV on January 15.

The work group should ‘look at the text of the Union State agreement and bring it up to date if possible’, Siluanov said.

The tax maneuver will help Russia create good modernization conditions for its oil-processing enterprises, the Russian vice PM explained. Belarus is asking to subsidize its enterprises and budget the same way, he noted.

“It would be weird to subsidize the enterprises of a foreign state. It could be possible if the integration were deeper. If you want to have these benefits, let us go back to the Union State agreement […] We suggested updating the agreement. However, if we are going to create the Union State, the principles must be observed. We should not be snatching out some of the elements,” Siluanov claimed.