Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Average wage of Belarusians still not near 500 USD per month

Vital Babin, belsat.eu

Belarusians have almost reached the promised 1,000 of rubles per month — in August, our compatriots received an average of 987 and a half rubles. Since May, wages have grown every month. But in US dollars, “500” is still not there.

Wages in Belarus have been steadily growing since the beginning of the year. There was only a fall in April. At the same time real wages of Belarusians, which are calculated adjusted for inflation in August rose by eleven percent compared to the same period last year. We asked Homiel dwellers about their financial situation:

“We had the salary increased and at the same time they increased our number of working hours. So it is not clear: were we given more work or a higher salary.”

“If you sit on your hands and do not work — wages will not grow. I’m working.”

“We are spending all our income on food. And go to second-hand shops to buy clothes and look more or less pretty. ”

At the same time the salaries of the Homiel residents in August only fell short of the average salary in Minsk and Minsk region. In the past month, according to statistics, there earned an average of more than 892 rubles. Vitsebsk salaries, which have long been the underdog in such ratings, rose a little higher, but Mahiliou region residents now earn the least — only 833 rubles per month.

According to the expert, for the people not to leave home, they need to not only have good earnings, but also acceptable working conditions. As for a decent wage, here are the simple laws of economics: the government should first make the money to return it to their people. Belarus cannot boasts this yet.