Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Belarusian Woman Gets Paid For Doing Nothing At Work For 6 Months


Belarusian Woman Gets Paid For Doing Nothing At Work For 6 Months
A woman from Slutsk goes to work for half a year, does nothing and gets paid for this. Sounds like a dream job? Well, you might change your mind when you learn all the details.

“Go and sit in the office.”

For six months Larisa Grigorovich goes to the office, where she does absolutely nothing and receives a salary of BYN 270 ($135).

The former social worker repeatedly asked to give her some extra work or just fire her but with no luck.

In December last year she started to work as the head of the rental office at the city stadium.

“In winter I gave out skates, skis, worked as a cashier, I liked what I was doing. But when spring came the visitors were gone,” the woman recalls.

At the low season she was promised a job at the ticket office but it turned out the position had been already filled.

This is when the hardworking woman was told to go and sit in the office.

Since then Larisa keeps coming to work every day and just sits at an empty table for seven hours.

“Psychologically, it’s very hard and depressing. A person has to do something at work.

Besides, it’s hard to live on BYN 270, I have a daughter, she is a schoolgirl.

I asked to give me a part-time job or just fire me, but they offer me nothing,” the desparate woman explains her situation.

The 51-year-old had turned to local public authorities but things didn’t budged an inch.

Belarusian Woman Gets Paid For Doing Nothing At Work For 6 Months

Kur’er called Andrey Nedelko, the head of the education, sports and tourism department of the Slutsk district executive committee, for comments.

“Larisa Grigorovich is a conscientious employee, we have no problems with her.

Well, this is true, in winter there’s more work in the rental office than in summer.

Rollers, tennis rackets, balls are not as popular as skates and skis, but we are going to expand the range,” said Andrey Nedelko.

Larisa was offered to work as a repairer – to wash stadium seats before the matches, but she refused.

At the moment there are no other vacancies. However, she can work for another company, the Belarusian law allows that.

If she doesn’t like the nature of the work, she has the right to terminate the employment contract by agreement of the parties.