Updated at 11:40,06-05-2021

Russia lowers gas price for Belarus

Pavel Sviardlou, Euroradio

Russia lowers gas price for Belarus
Photo: www.tvc.ru
Russia lowers price for natural gas for Belarus, according to the amendments in the intergovernmental agreement between the two countries being reviewed in the House of Representatives today.

Under the document, Belarus will pay $129 for 1000 cubic meters of Russia's natural gas. In 2019, the price will go $2 down to $127.

After the amendments are signed, the costs will be fixed in the contracts between the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom and its Belarusian daughter Gazprom Transgaz Belarus.

The 'gas issue' was high on agenda in the talks between the two countries. The contract stipulated the price of $132 per 1000 cupic meters. However, Aliakasandr Lukashenka stated our country should pay $107.

In March 2017, Gazprom responded to Luakshenka's statement by raising the cost up to $141.1 per 1000 cubic meters. However, the heads of state later negotiated the price to stand at $130, with Belarus also having gained additional compensation at the cost of export duties on Russian crude oil.