Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

No end in sight for trade wars between Belarus and Russia

Valer Ruselik, “Belsat”, Photo: Stringer / Russia / Reuters / Forum

No end in sight for trade wars between Belarus and Russia
Belarus and Russia have agreed on removal of trade barriers, State Seccretary of the Union State Parliamentary Assembly Grigory Rapota said recently. He added that barriers in the construction market had been dealt with, there was already a consensus in the pharmaceutical industry.

Such statements have appeared before

Thus, both official quotas or standards, reviewed by the subordinates Lukashenka and Putin are far less important than the real barriers to bilateral trade.

“You can give a relevant instruction to the sanitary inspection in Russia, and Belarusian high quality goods will become bad. You can instruct the Belarusian enterprises and companies to only buy Belarusian goods, and they will not be buying anything Russian,” explains economist Leu Marholin.

Officials from both countries did not agree on the agricultural products.

In particular, they failed to agree on tracking of supplies as well as their quality control. All this postpones the end of the Belarus-Russia trade wars yet again.

Traditional kisses and mutual vows of Slavic brotherhood are also not effective in stopping trade wars. Kisses are kisses, but the laws of economics cannot be fooled so easily.

“Trade wars between Belarus and Russia will be permanent, until the authorities of these countries remain in power. For there is no market economy either in Belarus or in Russia,” sums up Mr. Marholin.

Meanwhile, all sorts of wars end at one point. Back in May, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture agreed to an investment of a billion of US in the domestic agricultural sector together with the Chinese DRex Corporation.