Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Lukashenka: Belarusians should use electricity instead of gas and oil


Alyaksandr Lukashenka visited Yelsk District and discussed topical issues with local inhabitants on Tuesday, April 26. There will be extra energy in Belarus after the NPP is built and it will be necessary to use it, he said.

"Our neighours are unlikely to buy our energy,” BELTA quotes Lukashenka. “Russia has excessive energy, Ukraine has enough of it too. Europe has its own energy. There is competition. It will be difficult to compete.”

Belarusians should get ready ‘to replace gas and oil with electricity’, Lukashenka said. Our task is to preserve energy costs at the current level, not to make electricity cheaper, he noted. If etheth prices for gas and oil increase, electricity will be much cheaper, the Belarusian leader stressed.

It is necessary ti take it into account when building houses now, Lukashenka believes. “If you see that electricity is cheaper, you will want to buy an electric stove,” the President told the present. Electromobiles are another promising area, he added.