Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Belarusian Party of Labor

In December 1992 activists of trade union movement established organizing committee of Democratic Party of Belarus. Its goals are establishing of democratic society and law based state, spiritual, political and economic freedom of person, based on the principles of morality, social justice and prosperity.


Bukhvostov Alexander Ivanovich, was born on October 22, 1946 in Orel (Russia).

1990-2003 Chairman of the Belarusian trade union of automobile and agriculture engineering.

In 2004 was elected co-chairman of independent trade union REP (radio electronic industry, automobile construction, metal working production and etc.)

Initiator of establishment and chairman of the Belarusian Party of Labor (1993-2004, when the party was officially liquidated).

Deputy of the Supreme Council (1995-1996)


Telephone: Bukhvostov Alexander Ivanovich (chairman) +375-8(029)-623-82-04

E-mail: [email protected]